Collection: Duvet Goose Down

A goose down duvet

If you want to sleep like a king, it is best to buy a goose down duvet. Why? Down has a high moisture absorption, low weight and a high insulation value. We at White Cloudz know better than anyone that there is a lot of variation in the world of down duvets. That is why we will tell you which type of duvet is the ultimate number 1 in terms of comfort and sleeping pleasure: the goose down duvet. Why?

  • Goose down is super light, even lighter than duck down.
  • The feathers of geese are larger than those of ducks.
  • The quality is slightly higher.
  • The insulating capacity of a goose down duvet is 15% better than duck down.

Buy a goose down duvet for the winter

A goose down duvet is warm in winter and airy in summer. But since nothing is more personal than sleep preferences, our duvets are available in different warmth classes. Do you dream of an electric blanket, do you prefer to sit as close to the heater as possible and is hot chocolate in your top 3 favorite drinks? Then we simply sense that a winter duvet best suits your sleeping preferences. White Cloudz has two types of goose down winter duvets for warmth lovers: 'winter/warm' or 'winter plus/extra warm'.

Tip: Do you have a double bed? Then buy a goose down duvet of 240 x 220, 260 x 220 or another double size. Do you get cold easily, but would your bedmate melt under a 'winter plus, extra warm' duvet? Then consider two separate single duvets.

Buy a goose down summer duvet

The opposite of the heat-seeking sleeper is the person who is startled by a fleece blanket on the couch. Someone who, even in the freezing cold, still puffs away the duvet. We also have 2 goose down duvets in our offer for this person, namely: 'spring/autumn' and 'summer'. You can also buy these duvets in different sizes. Do you want a goose down duvet of 260 x 220, 240 x 220 or a different size? Let us know!

A 4-season duvet

Does your perceived temperature simply change with the seasons? Then your down duvet will do the same! Our 4-season duvet is a combination of the warmth class 'spring/autumn' and 'summer/breezy'. You can use these duvets separately, or combined for a wonderfully warm and yet light winter duvet.

How to maintain a goose down duvet

In the past, a down duvet was continually replenished over time. The duvet was opened and the down was sorted out. Everything that was still good was cleaned and replenished with fresh down. Nowadays, refilling is no longer necessary, provided you maintain your duvet properly.

Fortunately, maintaining a goose down duvet is quite simple. Read our tips and tricks to ensure that your duvet remains of high quality:

  • Air your duvet regularly
You can simply air out your duvet outside in the fresh air. Try to prevent the duvet from becoming damp or exposed to the bright sun. The sun removes moisture from the down and feathers, causing them to lose elasticity. A duvet with less elasticity is a lot less pleasant to sleep on. You can also choose to hang your duvet over the heating. Make sure that the heater is not warmer than your body temperature.
  • Wash your duvet in a large drum or have it dry cleaned

If you want to wash your duvet, you can do this in the washing machine. It is important that the drum is large enough! The same goes for the dryer. We would like to give you a tip to also throw some tennis balls in the drum. Then shake out the duvet lightly and you're ready for the night! Do you find it exciting? Then it is best to have your duvet washed at a dry cleaner with large drums. Then you can be sure that the goose down remains in good condition.

  • Do not sit or lie on your duvet

To ensure that your duvet remains of high quality, we advise you never to sit or lie on the duvet. If you do this, the springs inside will break and this will affect the volume.

  • Brushing is possible, not tapping or vacuuming

It is better not to use carpet beaters or vacuum cleaners with a goose down duvet. Firstly, no dust will get stuck in the duvet, since the ticking is fine-meshed. In addition, a vacuum cleaner or carpet beater causes the pores of the cover to widen, allowing feathers and down to come through. If you still want to remove dust from your duvet, it is best to opt for a brush.

Choose between two types of goose down duvets

White Cloudz has 2 types of goose down duvets in its range, which are available in various warmth classes and sizes, including 240 x 220 and 260 x 220. We have:

  • Down duvet Kaprun: 90% European goose down
  • Down duvet Aspen: 100% Polish goose down

Whether you go for 90% or 100% down content depends on your personal preference. People usually prefer it if there is also a percentage of feathers. The goose down duvet with 90% down and 10% feathers feels firmer, but is still feather light. Would you prefer an even lighter duvet? Then choose 100% down.

Benefit from fast delivery

Do you want to buy a goose down duvet of 240 x 220, 260 x 220 or other dimensions? If you order before 2 p.m., your duvet will be shipped the same day. We also give you thirty days' cooling-off period. Would you like to know more about our goose down? Please feel free to contact us! For example, we would like to tell you about the animal-friendly way we obtain goose down. You can reach us by calling +31 85 060 2251 or sending an email to info@whitecloudz .com.