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Royal eiderdown: choose the very best down duvet in the world

Do you want to sleep under a first-class duvet every night from now on? Just choose excellent and excellent? We understand that at White Cloudz. It is good to consciously choose what you sleep under at night, because it can affect the quality of your night's sleep. We believe that you will sleep best if you choose a down duvet. And to be very specific, a duvet made of eider down. This is the very best type of down you can find. We will explain why in this article.

An eider down duvet is therefore the best of the best. It not only ensures that you sleep perfectly all year round. Warm in winter and cool in summer. But you also enjoy the luxurious finish year after year. In this article we would like to tell you everything about the world's best duvet: the Royal eiderdown duvet from White Cloudz.

What makes eiderdown so special?

Before we can explain exactly why we recommend you purchase an eider down duvet, it is good to explain what exactly it is. Eiderdown is a filling for a duvet or pillow that comes from the eider duck. An eider duck is a water bird that lives in areas of North America, Iceland, Scotland, Scandinavia and Siberia. The down that these animals release is not directly used for protection. But it is a way for the birds to insulate their nests. The cozy and safe nest is finished with their own down. You may now be thinking: won't that blow away? No, because eiderdown sticks together through tiny barbs, the eggs and later the newborn chicks are well protected against the cold.

Isn't it sad to use eiderdown?

First of all, it is good to say that at White Cloudz we find it extremely important to work sustainably and environmentally friendly at all times. The eiderdown is therefore only collected when the breeding period is over. This period often lasts 6 weeks and during those 6 weeks the ducks are of course left alone. This gives the newborn chicks and the mothers time to grow quietly. Once the nest has been left and the ducks slide into the water, the down is collected in a professional manner.

Every year the eiders return to the breeding site to resettle here for the next 6 weeks. As a result, no less than 2000 kilograms are collected annually. That sounds like a lot, but when you consider that we need up to one kilo for a duvet, you can imagine that eiderdown is a costly solution if you want a new duvet. But if you look at the years that you enjoy it, it also offers a very sustainable solution.

And did you know that all eiderdown is carefully collected by hand? Only trained and certified collectors are allowed to do this. This ensures peace and safety for the animals. And the down remains undamaged.

The history of eiderdown

The first settlements arose in Iceland at the end of the nineteenth century. As you can imagine, people in this cold place were soon looking for a way to keep themselves warm. Especially when they settled here permanently. This is how they discovered that eider duck down is an ideal way to fill clothes, blankets and pillows, for example.

But in 1849 the eider was in danger of becoming extinct. These water birds were also widely eaten at that time. It was then decided to make ducks a protected species. That is why the welfare of the animals has been central to the eiderdown process for more than a hundred years. The eider farmers create safe and quiet living environments so that the ducks are not bothered by birds of prey, foxes and people. In the meantime, the population has grown considerably and the animals are safer than ever.

The Rolls-Royce of duvets: why is an eiderdown duvet the perfect duvet?

These are the advantages of eiderdown: 1. Eiderdown duvet is pleasantly warm, so you never have to be cold again. It is also cooling in the summer. 2. Eiderdown lasts a lifetime. 3. The duvet is very light and soft, so it is not oppressive when you lie underneath it. 4. The duvet is very hygienic and therefore suitable for people with allergies. 5. It is an animal-friendly product. 6. The distribution of the down is and remains optimal. 7. Duvet with optimal moisture absorption

As you can see, an eiderdown duvet is pure luxury! We will now take a closer look at the benefits of the eider down duvet.

Advantage 1: warm in winter, cool in summer

One of the biggest advantages is that the duvet is wonderfully warm. This is because the hairs of eiderdown lie somewhat flatter when they are heated. For example, if you lie down under it on a cold winter day. This makes the eiderdown duvet warmer in many circumstances. But at warm times, such as in summer, it is much cooler.

In addition, the small downy hairs have very small air spaces. These spaces, which are filled with air, keep the duvet insulated. It all happens on a micro basis, but what you will soon experience are these wonderful properties of the eiderdown.

Advantage 2: eiderdown lasts a long, long time

When we talk about the benefits of eiderdown, we are certainly also talking about its lifespan. Especially if you compare it with down from other ducks. This is more of a regular form of down and lasts much less long. We dare to say that an eiderdown duvet will last a lifetime. That immediately makes an investment in such a nice duvet a lot more accessible.

Advantage 3: eiderdown is extremely soft and light

Soft, softer, softest? That's eiderdown. As light as a feather and as soft as down. But then multiplied that. Eiderdown is the softest type of down available. And you will soon be able to enjoy that every night. In addition, the materials we use are also very light, so it does not feel heavy when you lie underneath it.

Advantage 4: down is very hygienic and that makes it pleasant for people with allergies

Are you allergic to house dust mites, for example? Then you don't have to worry with an eider down duvet. House dust mites cannot settle in a down duvet. That means: 100% anti-allergenic. That will be a nice night's sleep without sneezing.

Advantage 5: it is an animal-friendly product

The eiderdown down is, as you have read, extracted in an animal-friendly manner. This gives the eiders plenty of space and freedom to return annually during the breeding season. In addition, they are also protected against foxes, for example. And the down is only taken when the ducks have left.

Advantage 6: perfect distribution of the down

Eiderdown is known for its strong and microscopic barbs. This makes them interlock, so you always have enough down everywhere. For example, do you pull the down from a duvet? Then you may be holding a one-meter pendulum in your hands. This is because the down adheres well to each other. Although we do not recommend that you test it out yourself. The down comes into its own better if it remains in the duvet.

Advantage 7: optimal moisture absorption

Every person loses a lot of fluid while sleeping. And where does all that moisture go? Indeed, in your duvet. But down has a very high absorbency. This ensures that the moisture is properly absorbed during the night, so you don't wake up feeling sticky. And the next morning your duvet has plenty of time to evaporate the moisture. This happens without affecting your down duvet.

This keeps your excellent down duvet in top condition

After so many advantages, we understand that you want your own eider down duvet. And of course you have to maintain such a special duvet. Because as you have read before, an eiderdown duvet lasts a lifetime. Provided you maintain it properly, of course. Fortunately, maintenance is very simple. For example, think about shaking it loosely every morning as soon as you get out of bed. This way the down has all day to recover. In addition, the absorbed moisture can also evaporate again. This way you have a lovely duvet to crawl under at the end of the day.

In addition, it is smart to have good, luxurious and high-quality duvet covers. This prevents the duvet from getting dirty. And clean bedding every week is of course a treat for everyone. You can wash it with a mild detergent, for example wool detergent. It is best to dry in a dryer. Provided that fits of course. Otherwise you will have to take it to a professional laundry. A down duvet is naturally very hygienic. Be sure not to wash your duvet too often. Once every two years is more than enough.

These are the things you should not do with a down duvet: 1. Do not sit on the duvet, as this will quickly damage the filling and the volume will decrease more quickly. 2. Do not air your duvet in full sun or when it is raining. 3. Never choose to dry clean your down duvet. This degrades the quality of the down and can even cause permanent damage.

Eiderdown duvets at White Cloudz

A duvet with such advantages, such as its lifespan, the quality of the down and the fact that you can sleep comfortably under it 365 times a year, naturally comes with a price tag. A single eider down duvet costs on average several thousand euros. Divided by the number of years you can enjoy it, the expenditure is not too bad. But at White Cloudz we understand that you cannot simply make such an expense. That is why you can pay in installments with us up to 2000 euros. You will immediately receive your super duvet.

Did you know that the White Cloudz team has more than 40 years of experience in the field of down duvets of the highest quality? We think it is important that our suppliers are on the same page. That is why we all work animal-friendly, we only supply down that is actually filling and we only choose suppliers from Europe who can be verified.

Our own White Cloudz studio

What we are perhaps most proud of is that we have our own studio in the Netherlands. This is where we make our premium quality down duvets and pillows. We select only the best and most beautiful products. Because do we want to deliver quality? Then we must also choose the best of the best. Consider the best down types, fabrics and other materials we need for making duvets.

For example, we use the finest possible cotton fabric for these eider down duvets. We call this the cover of a duvet. Just like a good inside, this is very important, because you want the down to remain on the inside of the duvet without the duvet becoming too heavy. But the quality of this fabric is also important, so that your duvet remains nice and clean for a long time.

We also use a weave of extremely fine cotton yarn for our duvets. For example, 1 gram of yarn is 250 meters long. You won't find it lighter than this. This way your light duvet stays really light.

Time for luxury: sleep under your own eiderdown duvet

We understand that once you have ordered it, you want to sleep well as quickly as possible. However, we make this luxury product to order especially for you, which is why we need a little more time for this than for our other duvets. We therefore ask you to be patient for a few weeks so that you can enjoy your purchase for many years to come.

Do you have any questions about the exceptionally fine eiderdown duvets from White Cloudz? Our team is ready to answer all questions!