Collection: Down Summer Duvet

A down summer duvet

Is a down summer duvet also the solution for you? Do you often toss and turn, wake up sweating and can't fall asleep without a duvet? These are all common complaints when sleeping in the summer heat. Recognizable? For us, yes. And since we are very alert when it comes to sleeping, we have the solution: the down summer duvet. A duvet that regulates moisture, not too thick, light, that does not emit much heat and that is also very pleasant to lie under at higher temperatures. Do you also want comfortable nights in the summer? Then you've come to the right place at White Cloudz.

Choice between a down summer duvet or a summer blanket

The need for summer duvets is increasing. This is because people tend to choose a duvet that is too warm. We forget for a moment that today's houses are much better insulated. When the temperatures outside and in the bed rise, the need for a summer duvet increases. White Cloudz sells down summer duvets in different warmth classes. For the warmer times of the year you can choose from the 'spring/autumn' and 'summer/breezy' classes.

A down duvet with RDS-certified down

Would you really rather have a summer duvet than a summer blanket? Then we recommend a down duvet. At White Cloudz we now have more than 40 years of experience with down duvets. As a result, we know the best suppliers who supply us with down of the highest quality. The down we use is RDS certified. This means that our down only comes from slaughterhouse waste and that we do not slaughter animals for their down. Animal welfare is our top priority.

The benefits of a down summer duvet

A down summer duvet offers many advantages. It is made of natural material, so it is not a breeding ground for dust mites. In addition, a down duvet is breathable and insulating. Because the down breathes, it ensures good moisture regulation. The insulating property provides warmth in winter and cooling in summer. In addition, down is very light. The less weight is on you, the less disturbance you experience while sleeping. A final advantage of a down summer duvet is that it usually lasts a very long time.

The weight of your down duvet

The weight of your summer duvet depends on the type we use. When we use larger, better quality down flakes, less filling is required. However, these duvets are more pricey. When we use more down of lower quality, the price also drops. At White Cloudz we offer you three different types of down, namely:

  • Down duvet Graz Filled with 90% European duck down.
  • Down duvet Kaprun Filled with 90% European goose down.
  • Down duvet Aspen Filled with 100% Polish goose down.

The summer duvets with these down fillings are available in various single and double sizes. Because we produce and fill our duvets ourselves, it is also possible to choose different sizes.

Tips for maintaining a down duvet

When you buy a down duvet, you naturally want to enjoy it for as long as possible. Fortunately, maintaining such a duvet is not difficult. We are happy to give you some tips and tricks:

Drying and airing

We recommend shaking the summer duvet every day and airing it regularly. You can air it outside in the fresh air, unless the weather is damp or the sun is bright. In bright sunshine, moisture is extracted from the down and feathers. The elasticity of the springs then decreases, which also makes you sleep less pleasantly.

Wash in a large washing drum

You can simply wash a summer duvet in your washing machine, provided your drum is large enough. Always check the washing label before washing. Would you also like to put your down duvet in the dryer? Then throw in some tennis balls and then shake up the duvet. If you find it exciting, you can of course also leave the washing to a professional dry cleaner.

Do not sit or lie on the duvet What is also important with a down duvet is that you should never sit or lie on it. Then the springs in it break and that is at the expense of the volume.

Order your down summer duvet online

Are you interested in a down summer duvet? Then choose the correct dimensions and filling on our website. If you order a summer duvet before 2 p.m., it will be delivered the next day. Would you like to know more about our offer? Or would you like more information about down? Please feel free to contact. You can reach us via +31 85 060 2251 or via