4-season duvet versus winter duvet

4-season duvet versus winter duvet

A duvet is very personal

First of all, it is good to remember that every person has different preferences when it comes to sleeping and therefore bedding. It doesn't just matter whether you prefer to sleep on your back or on your side. But it is also very important whether you are a so-called cold or hot sleeper. A cold sleeper gets cold quickly and cannot be warm enough in bed. A hot sleeper is always warm and needs a cooler bed. Which duvet is most suitable for you depends on whether you are a cold or warm sleeper.

4 season duvet: down duvet for all temperatures

A 4-season duvet consists of two parts: a spring and autumn part and a summer part. The spring and autumn part is thicker and warmer than the summer part, which is cool and light. You can also attach the two parts together. Together they form a winter duvet that provides optimal warmth on cold days. With a 4-season duvet you will never be too hot or too cold. This duvet is therefore suitable for both cold and warm sleepers.

Winter duvet: down duvet for cold days

A winter duvet is a nice warm down duvet for the coldest nights of the year. At White Cloudz you can choose from two variants. The first type, 'winter/warm', is a comfortable warm blanket. The second type, 'winter plus/extra warm', is extra thick, so ideal for people who are really cold. A winter duvet is therefore best for cold sleepers.

Differences between 4-season duvet and winter duvet

Are you not yet sure whether you prefer a 4-season duvet or a winter duvet? Below are the most important differences:

  • A winter duvet has one fixed thickness. With a 4-season duvet you can vary between three different thicknesses.
  • With a 4-season duvet, the two parts together form a winter duvet. With a winter duvet you can choose from two warmth classes.

Which type of down duvet suits me?

As mentioned, it differs from person to person which duvet sleeps best. Do you want to know which one suits you best? Then compare the points below:

  • You are a cold sleeper. You find it pleasant to lie under a nice warm blanket. You quickly get cold under a thin blanket, whether it is cold or a bit warmer outside. In that case, it is not necessary for you to adjust the thickness of your duvet during the year. A winter duvet suits you best.
  • You are sensitive to temperature changes. In winter you are always cold, while in summer you can barely get out of bed. In spring and autumn you need an intermediate size, because one feels just too warm and the other just too cold. In this case, a 4-season duvet suits you best.

4 seasons duvet or winter duvet? White Cloudz helps you

Are you ready for a new duvet, but can't decide which type will sleep best for you? Are you still unsure between a 4-season duvet or a winter duvet? Do not panic! White Cloudz is happy to give you personal advice. Together we ensure that you wake up feeling refreshed and rested every day. Please feel free to contact us via the chat function on the website.

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