Collection: Down 4-season duvet

A down 4-season duvet

A down 4-season duvet offers a solution for many. Do you recognize yourself in the following: in the summer you throw the duvet off the bed after hours of tossing and turning and in the winter you daydream about an electric blanket. Then a down 4-season duvet is perfect for you!

Fortunately, at White Cloudz we are very alert when it comes to sleep. That's why you can come to us for a wonderful 4-season duvet. A duvet that will help you wake up feeling refreshed and rested all year round. Because you decide which part or parts you use, you can easily adjust the thickness of this duvet. This means your duvet will be just warm or cool enough all year round. That is a nice feature, because we notice that people find it increasingly difficult to choose the right heat class. Not least because today's houses are better insulated than in the past, which means that we quickly end up with a duvet that is too warm. With a 4-season duvet you avoid making the wrong choice, because this duvet has 3 warmth classes in one.

The warmth classes of a down 4-season duvet

Our down 4-season duvet consists of two separate duvets that can easily be attached to each other. One duvet has the warmth class 'spring/autumn', the other duvet falls into the 'summer' class. You can alternate these two. As soon as it really gets colder and the 'spring/autumn' class is no longer suitable, it is time to attach the two duvets together. That is very simple. Taken together, the duvets form a wonderful, comfortable and warm, winter duvet.

Filling weights 4-season duvet per size

How is such a heat class determined? That depends on the fill power of the down and the fill weight of the duvet. The latter is the weight of down within the cover. Although it sounds contradictory, a more expensive duvet contains less filling. The duvet is then filled with larger down flakes of better quality. A cheaper 4-season duvet needs more lower quality down for the same warmth. Down is a natural material. Our duvets are filled with duck down or with goose down. In addition, White Cloudz only processes RDS-certified down. This means that we attach great importance to animal welfare. Our down only comes from slaughterhouse waste, so we do not slaughter animals for their down.

Types of 4-season duvets

At White Cloudz we like an overview. That is why we have made a selection of three types of down 4-season duvets. All three of these duvets are of high quality at a low price. How do we achieve that? Thanks to our 40 years of experience, we know the best suppliers. We fill the down duvets ourselves and because we sell directly to our customers, we keep the price as low as possible. The types of duvets that you can buy from us in a 4-season version are:

  • Down duvet GrazFilled with 90% European duck down.
  • Kaprun down duvetFilled with 90% European goose down.
  • Down duvet AspenFilled with 100% Polish goose down.

Order a down 4-season duvet today

Are you considering purchasing a down 4-season duvet? Let us list the major advantages:

  • A down duvet lasts a long time.
  • The duvet is light. And the less weight, the less disturbance while sleeping.
  • Down breathes and provides good moisture regulation.
  • It is natural material, not a breeding ground for dust mites.
  • Down insulates, making it warm in winter and cool in summer.
If you order a 4-season duvet before 2 p.m., you only have to sleep one night before you receive it. Would you like to know more about our offer? Please feel free to contact us. You can reach us by calling 085-060 2251 or sending an email to info@whitecloudz .com.