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A duck down duvet

Waking up fresh and rested is possible with a duck down duvet. We all want that, right? The more comfortably you sleep, the better you wake up. Luckily, White Cloudz is very awake when it comes to sleeping. We have 40 years of experience with down duvets. Why down? Down has a high moisture absorption, low weight and a high insulation value. We know better than anyone that there is still a lot of variation possible in the world of down duvets. That is why we would like to give you some features of our duck down duvets:
  • These duvets are slightly cheaper than a goose down duvet, as it is less scarce.
  • All our down is RDS certified. This means that we attach great importance to animal welfare. Our duck down comes from offal. So no animals are kept, purely for the down.
  • It is often said that a goose down duvet is better than a duck down duvet. That is partly true, but good quality duck down is always preferable to poorer quality goose down.

A duvet filled with the best duck down

At White Cloudz we have been producing duvets from duck down for many years. We get the materials from the best suppliers. We then get to work with our filling and sewing machines. While it used to be very normal to have the duvet replenished over time, this hardly happens anymore. For the refilling, the cover was removed, after which all the down came out of the duvet. That was then sorted out. What was still good was cleaned and replenished with fresh down. However, if you maintain your duvet correctly, this is no longer necessary.

Tips and tricks for maintaining a duck down duvet

Are you considering purchasing a duck down duvet and are you dreading the maintenance? No problem! Such a duvet is easy to maintain. Here are some tips and tricks:
  • Drying and airing
Air the duvet regularly. This can be done outside in the fresh air, but prevent the duvet from becoming damp. Bright sun is also not good, because the sun removes moisture from the down and feathers. Then they lose elasticity and that makes sleeping a lot less pleasant. You can also hang a down duvet over the heating. Make sure that the heater is not warmer than body temperature.
  • Washing or dry cleaning
A duck down duvet can generally be washed in the washing machine, as long as the drum is large enough. The best option is to have a duvet washed at a dry cleaner with large drums. This keeps duck down in good condition. Does your duck down duvet go in the washing machine and dryer? Tip: Throw some tennis balls in the dryer, then lightly shake the duvet and you are ready for the night.
  • Derrière versus duck down duvet
A word of advice: never sit or lie on a down duvet. Then the springs in it break and that is at the expense of the volume.
  • Do not knock or vacuum
A duck down duvet does not like vacuum cleaners and carpet beaters. The cover of a down duvet is fine-meshed, so it does not trap dust. And when vacuuming or knocking, the pores of the ticking dilate, allowing feathers and down to come through. You can lightly brush the duck down duvet.

Quality of duck down

How light or heavy your duvet is, the fill weight, depends on the down used. It sounds contradictory, but the more expensive the duck down duvet, the less filling there is. The duvet is then filled with larger down flakes of better quality. A cheaper duvet needs more lower quality down. At White Cloudz we save you lists with dozens of different duck down duvets. We have already selected the best duvet ourselves. This allows you to experience the top quality of duck down. Our duvet is called Graz and consists of 90% European duck down. Graz is available in 7 sizes: 140 x 200 | 140x220 | 200x200 | 200x220 | 240x200 | 240x220 | 260 x 220. That 90% refers to the percentage of down. The remaining 10% are feathers. Thanks to the feathers, the duck down duvet feels a bit firmer, although it is still feather light.

The difference between duck down and goose down

Duck down often loses out in terms of quality when it comes to goose down. However, this is not a given, but very much depends on the quality of the goose down. A nice quality of duck down offers more comfort than a disappointing quality of goose down. White Cloudz also has high-quality goose down duvets. These duvets are indeed slightly more expensive than our duck down duvet. This is because our goose down insulates slightly more and absorbs moisture. The down is a bit more resilient and durable.

Duck down heat class

Nothing is as personal as the temperature you want to sleep in. That is why our duvets not only have different sizes, but also different warmth classes. Our beautiful Graz duvet is available in, for example, summer/airy, but also in:
  • Spring/Autumn
  • Winter/ warm
  • Winter plus/extra warm

Order your duvet before 2 p.m.

Are you interested in a duvet filled with duck down? If you order before 2 p.m., you only have to sleep one night before you receive it. Since we produce ourselves, different sizes are no problem. Please contact to contact us via +31 85 060 2251 or